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So now that the relationship is done and dusted let us take back at how the relationship started in the first place.

Aiden Turner was in a love relationship with his now former artist girlfriend, Nettie Wakefield.

But it wasn't meant to last and the lovebirds went their separate ways earlier this year, parting on good terms.

Speaking to the Mirror about their romance, Charlie said: “We had an amazing time. We are both very career minded.“Downton Abbey has just finished and he is going to go on to a huge career.

Charlie wore a daring black gown with a deep plunging neckline, while Allen opted for a classic black tuxedo.

The Sky Sports presenter said she had 'no idea' who Leech was when she met him.

What Branson’s trying to do is, he wants to get Matthew’s ideas for Downton across and get them actually properly implemented. Sybil and Tom were a really kind of special relationship within Downton. My Anna [Buring]’s amazing – it’s been a lot of fun and that’s a lovely story. Ava is an absolutely gorgeous little girl – and a consummate professional at the age of 21 months!

Immediately Robert’s decided to go back to the old ways and he’s constantly battling that. It would be surprising if he just went on that quickly. Is Branson better at handling her this time around? There are certain things he would have liked to have left when she last worked at Downton. At the start of the year she was really awestruck, kind of taking everything in – you know obviously for any one who’s not even two years of age to have a film crew standing there doing her hair...

Now a newly single Charlie says she is on the lookout for love, and keen to find her Mr right.

As the nation readies itself for the return of Downton Abbey later this month, Radio catches up with actor Allen Leech to find out what series four has in store for chauffeur turned man of the Downton estate, Tom Branson... Well, Branson is very much trying to find where he is in that household. I was happy about it because I felt there was unfinished business in it as a storyline. This year I’m very much back with the family so it is different.

He kind of has a job now, quite an important job, and responsibilities, but he doesn’t really have the status or any kind of real holding within the family. That comes down to ultimately trying to help Mary though a very difficult time but also she's a very powerful voice to have on his side. She became quite hated quite quickly and it was too soon. So as well as having Edna to contend with, Branson's got a little toddler this series... Downstairs you’ve got Rob James-Collier [who plays Thomas Barrow] who is an absolute lunatic.

The 33-year-old, who is hosting The World’s Strongest Man on Channel 5 this week, has revealed that they weren't compatible as a couple and that their careers have always been top priority.

The exes met at a party in May 2014 and it wasn't long before they were making regular appearances on the red carpet together.


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