American dating a nigerian Sexy chat with allysia

Patriotic Alliance leader and businessman Gayton Mc Kenzie has taken time out of his busy schedule to advise South African men on women and making money.

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me having to beg him for sex, he always refusing, sleeping in another room, ignoring me ,talking abusively to me.I am a young woman and to any mans standards very attractive and intellegent.I dont know if it is a cultural thing or if it is just the man that I am married to.Last what I love the most is whatever he says he’s going to do he does it. He does not say I love you often, but he greets me with a kiss every time I see him and he does show affection so I am ok with that.However my issue is in the 11 months I have known him I have not been to his house, or met any of his family.In fact, he says they must watch and learn from them as they are “the kings of Africa”.


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