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patch 2.5.0, which offers new features like the Armory, Crafting Mat Storage, new Primal Ancient items and a hodgepodge of other additions.

This will allow players to save up to five loadouts, including gear and skills, at the Stash.The UNSC Infinity is the largest and most powerful vessel designed by the UNSC, so it's only fitting that Infinity's Armory, the first Halo 5: Guardians update of 2016, contains REQs worthy of its name.With Infinity's Armory, step into new battlegrounds for both Arena and Warzone Assault, equip weapons that are both intimately familiar as well as completely alien, and outfit your Spartans with all-new armor sets and weapon skins from some of the more...When you go back to swap between builds in the Armory, your items and gear will be automatically traded from your current cache of items.In patch 2.5.0, you also obtain Crafting Mat Storage, which allows you to save your crafting materials and other goodies obtained via salvaging in a separate storage tab, which should offer you additional space in your shared stash. The Crusader class has been updated with the Shield Glare ability.With this, players can transition between various builds depending on what they're doing.


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