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If you DON'T agree to these terms, DO NOT JOIN THIS MEETUP EVENT. Outdoor events can be inherently dangerous and accidents may and do happen.

“Active/Athletic Front Range Singles” group of doesn't certify the expertise of the Organizers. By participating in any event, you're taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being.

A Miami-based startup is building a Tinder for athletic people.

We encourage members to organize trips and activities (just email one of the organizers and they will post it) but don't supervise or take responsibility for the activities or events.

er photos forward• Check out scouts in a few quick swipes. • Unlimited messaging with matches, no additional purchases needed to like or chat with people• Get specific or broaden your horizons by setting distance, age, and interest preferences • Keep profile photos fresh by uploading from Instagram, Facebook, Photo Library, or snap an action shot with your camera It's been about a year now since this thing has been launched and it's still a waiting list. Tried to contact customer support and I get the same message every time about why there is a wait. Otherwise I'll just have to design my own and release this bad boy because this is like next level dating and friends amazingness. Tinder and bumble are so much more practical to use.

Hope all is going well 😜🐒 I've been using this for some time now and it's very underwhelming. Great concept but wish it were being executed better.

In it, a group of very attractive girls and equally good looking guys come together, through the app, and play soccer together. The company’s new tagline is, “The game starts here.”Sportsbuddy is Tinder with a spin.

Individuals are matched not only by geolocation, as with Tinder, but also by relative skill in a particular sport.


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