Benefits consolidating data centers

The result is high performance and high availability to meet all your Tier 1 application needs.

Our industry leading efficiency enables deployments across multiple use cases, from production databases to backup and disaster recovery.

Data must first be consolidated across the network and normalized before it can produce the reporting and analytics that drive actionable decision making.

From here, this information can be separated into historical data and alarm notifications.

The agility to keep pace with rapidly evolving business demands begins with data center consolidation.

Traditional approaches to data center management have become complex, expensive, and unsustainable for real growth.

Box and Workday, for example, are turning to AWS and IBM (ibm) Soft Layer to run specific types of software.

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A public cloud—referred to within the industry as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Iaa S)—consists of massive quantities of servers, storage, and networking owned-and-operated by one company, and then rented out to others.This means the company can achieve savings in labor, the server, storage and network infrastructure — while also employing happier, more productive employees. Security This probably a surprise as it is commonly thought that on-premise data is safer under internal watch, but data centers actually tend to be more secure."Friends don't let friends build data centers," said Charles Phillips, chief executive officer of Infor, a business software maker, about two years ago.Net Suite named Microsoft Azure as its "preferred cloud partner." (Although now that Net Suite has been bought by Oracle (orcl), which has its own public cloud ambitions, that could change.) JDA Software, which offers supply chain management software, is using Google Cloud Platform.None of these companies are going as far as Infor—at least not yet.His remark—which launched a flood of T-shirts—came at an Amazon Web Services conference in April 2014, when he announced that Infor would move all of its IT operations into AWS data centers—and out of its own.


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