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Ajavon, who amassed a fortune in the food industry, will run against fellow tycoon Patrice Talon, a cotton magnate, who is considered the main opponent to President Thomas Boni Yayi's ruling Cowrie Forces for an Emerging Benin (FCBE) in our website and shared by our users in bdsm videos category.To consolidate the empire, the Obas built an expansive wall as long as 20,000km around its boundaries making the defensive edifice the world’s longest self-protective complex which according to the Guinness Book of Records is the greatest earth work ever constructed by man.Oba Ewuare 1 who reigned at about 1440-1473 was more or less the greatest of the Obas of ancient Benin hence he went down in history as Ewuare the great with a credit of 201 victories over various cities and towns.

His prayer was for the state to get a governor that would improve the peoples’ living standards and who would also respect traditional rulers.

The empire reportedly stretched from Onitsha in the east, through Owo, Akure and some Yoruba settlements in the southwest and into present-day Ghana.

Even the Ga tribes of Ghana are said to trace their ancestry to the ancient Kingdom of Benin which at a point was three times the size of modern day France.

I have called Patrice Talon this evening to congratulate him on his victory, wish him good luck and put myself at his disposal to prepare for the handover,”Lionel Zinsou stated.

A new dance, known as the "Leumbeul", is attracting a growing number of Senegalese women who do not mind showing off their otherwise private parts.


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