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After reports emerged his son had visited Pulse several times before the massacre, Seddique Mateen said he saw nothing implying his son was gay.

"I don't know if he was, if that was his way of his life, but I don't believe so," Seddique Mateen told reporters at his home in Port St. He emphasized his belief that his son, who was married with a child, was straight.

Recovery is a process that's important to all survivors, no matter their gender identity.There’s an overwhelming amount of adult chat sites and apps out there these days and let’s be honest: it feels like 99% of them just aren’t up to par.Many of them look unprofessional or there’s nothing unique or memorable about their applications.No men have publicly come forward claiming to have had sexual contact with him.Mateen's father said Tuesday he doesn't believe his son was gay.Days after the attack -- the deadliest mass shooting in U. history -- sources revealed he not only visited gay chat rooms, he also frequented the same nightclub he would eventually terrorize.


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