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The relationship just didn't work, and he went on to get married while she went on to … "I don't think I've ever gotten over it; it completely changed my life." It's a lucky guess that "SATC" fans never got over Mr. But for Noth, at one point in his career, he felt the need to "destroy that image." He has gone on to star in other hit series such as "The Good Wife" and "Law & Order," but the image of that handsome man Bradshaw just couldn't get over, sticks with him 'til this day. "Until then I don't pay any attention," he continued.As far as the part 3 rumors — that recently resurfaced when a fan frenzy was caused over a cryptic Instagram photo Parker posted — Noth is pessimistic about the prospect. "Sure, I've heard rumors, but they've been saying that s--t for 10 years.It was [Carrie] who tried to pretend he was something he wasn't," he added.

"He never tried to pretend he was anything other than what he was. He's lucky she married him in the end." Amid constant rumors of a possible "Sex and the City 3" movie, Noth admitted to having a love/hate relationship with the show.

"I know he has the greatest affection for SJP as an actress and a friend.

"I will totally agree with Chris on the fact that Carrie was a strong, smart woman," she continued.

"Yes of couse it was a joke, but I keep forgetting that you are not allowed to do that with certain media." But in the now controversial interview, Noth was much more reverential about his own character.

Big in the hit HBO series "Sex and the City" and the two films that followed, has caused quite a stir with his comments on the show's main character Carrie Bradshaw. To take his comment any other way would be a ‘Big’ mistake," the series' co-creator Michael Patrick King added. "It's interesting that a show that was so fun and irreverent about everything has to be taken with such hysterical reverence when you talk to the media," the 59-year-old actor said in a statement Thursday.


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