Dating a flake

And, just because I have used female examples, let’s not forget that men flake too.Legitimate cancellation (such as because of an emergency or panic attack) within a reasonable time frame isn’t flaking, although as I stated, even this can be flaking if it becomes a pattern. I go on a first date and I can tell for sure that a guy is interested in me. The end result is the same: if he wanted to see you again, he’d have seen you again. And while you can complain (and many readers have), it doesn’t make a bit of a difference. The same scenario happened to me at least 5 times in the last few months. People come and go, and they usually don’t leave hand-written letters explaining their motives.They are not glamour shots or anything, they are very honest representations of how i look, hanging out with friends, on vacation etc.I get a decent amount of of messages and have never been stood up, and got a message from okc that because of the feedback to my profile they are going to start sending me “attractive” matches so i know it cant be because of my looks.You see, Tinder has a feature that allows you to unmatch (as you know). Now I’m guessing you’re no male model or super star DJ, so why should she pick you over them??

We had a nice long conversation and he mentioned going out again but 2 days later and I have not heard from him.

The other times she flaked, usually notifying me at the very last minute, if at all. There is an epidemic of “flakes” in 2017, mainly because meeting people is so easy (just swipe right), as is making plans.

Flaking is cancelling with someone at the last minute, usually with a lame excuse, but it also includes a pattern of making promises of getting together, and then breaking them. Flaking is ultimately a lack of respect for your feelings and time, and shows irresponsibility.

Do you think it’s possible that some dating sites have flakier guys or is it my fault?

I am as honest as possible on my ok Cupid profile and have lots of clear and recent (from this month or last month) photos, both of my face, half body and full body.


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