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Significant reductions in anxiety symptoms and behavior problems were found for those children who reported clinically elevated levels of anxiety at pretest (n = 6).Results show that MBCT-C is a promising intervention for attention and behavior problems, and may reduce childhood anxiety symptoms.We tested the hypotheses that children randomized to participate in MBCT-C would show greater reductions in (a) attention problems, (b) anxiety symptoms, and (c) behavior problems than wait-listed age and gender-matched controls.Participants were boys and girls aged 9-13 (N = 25), mostly from low-income, inner-city households. A randomized cross-lagged design provided a wait-listed control group, a second trial of MBCT-C, and a 3-month follow-up of children who completed the first trial.More recently, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg talked about resilience in her commencement keynote speech at UC Berkley."Like a muscle, you can build it up [and] draw on it when you need it," she said.

We then looked at the issue of identity to expats (who am I, where am I from, where is home), identity development (integrating and resolving differences among how we perceive ourselves and are perceived by others) and why they are important (dealing with the pain and loss of people, places and memories that matter).Resilience is generally defined as the ability to recover from and / or adjust to negative events or significant change.Emotional resilience focuses not only on the psychological ability to adapt to the challenges, misfortunes and set-backs life throws our way, but also to maintaining or returning to a positive view of oneself during and after such turmoil.Seligman, who is known as the father of positive psychology, has spent three decades researching failure, helplessness, and optimism. Army, an organization of 1.1 million people where trauma is more common and more severe than in any corporate setting.He created a program at the University of Pennsylvania to help young adults and children overcome anxiety and depression, and has worked with colleagues from around the world to develop a program for teaching resilience. Nevertheless, businesspeople can draw lessons from resilience training, particularly in times of failure and stagnation.In contrast to boys, girls’ scores on openness to diversity also increased between baseline and post-intervention.


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