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For a lightweight option that can be integrated as a unit in an existing technology class or as an after-school program, try the Accelerated Course.

This 20-hour course covers the core concepts from CS Fundamentals progression at an accelerated pace designed for students ages 10-18.

The course will be piloted in Spring 2017, with full rollout Summer 2017. This course works for beginners or students with experience in CS Fundamentals.

In 2008, he appeared in Adanali as Maraz Ali, an intelligent, strong and good thief.

In 2011, Mehmet Akif played in another series, Ries, as Murat, a young man who comes back from the United States to find his family in a very bad financial situation and in debt, and is forced to work as a fisherman to support his family and pay the debts they owe.

In 2002, he played in his first series, Kirik Ayna, as Ali Kirman, with Kadir Inanir, Burak Hakki and Yesim Buber.

In 2005 he played in the series Zeytin Dali as Kenan, with Berg├╝zar Korel.


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