Dating and patience

Even if the car is in the exact color you want, pretend there’s thousands and thousands of them out there waiting for you to drive. You’ll find that a lot of the times when you’re patient and you think that this car, this pair of jeans, this house is going to be gone, it’s not.

” I looked at him and I thought to myself, a lot of things, but I know what he’s getting at. Patience is the key to everything that’s happened great in my life.I had to stick with what I knew would work, had to stick with what I believe would work, and by doing that, I learned the art of patience.When I built up my business, I wasn’t making money right away from it. I knew I was building a solid foundation and a solid foundation is built on patience.We were into the second day of our four-day trip when we decided to take a ride in one of the beautiful horse-drawn carriages around downtown Charleston. But the difference - as a Christian, as a follower of Christ - is the attitude that goes with it.While waiting for our turn, I noticed Aric was getting very impatient. I finally said to Aric not to worry, that it would be our turn soon, that we just had to wait. I think of all the things in life that we must be patient for and how my own attitude has been tested.What I sometimes don’t remember is the higher you go up the ladder the more responsibility goes with it.


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