Dating off debt

One was extremely frugal, to the point where it was sometimes frustrating. I think that I could date someone with a moderate amount debt, as long as they had a reasonable plan in place to get themselves out of debt.

One was incredibly bad with his money, and didn’t seem to think it was an issue. But there are definitely big differences in the type of debt that someone has.

If you’re still dating, here are some points to consider so you can avoid that situation.

This doesn’t mean all hope is lost if you’re already married when your partner comes clean about his or her debt — it’s still completely possible to tackle the debt together, but having a mutually agreed upon plan that both of you can stick to should be a priority.

Like, ,000 in student loans, or thousands of dollars in credit card debt – without a solid plan to get themselves out. It’s obvious that the financial habits of your significant other can play a huge role in defining what kind of life you would have with that person – both short-term and long-term.

But are poor financials a big enough reason to eliminate someone as a potential mate? Now, I usually don’t write about press releases or surveys that I get sent, but I thought this one was fun, and also pretty interesting.

Four years ago, my husband and I were 0,000 in debt, with ,000 on credit cards, ,000 in auto loans, and a mortgage of 4,000.

With the Great Recession now in our rearview mirror, many of us consider debt to be one of those four-letter words.Here are some tips for discussing the facts when your partner has debt.It’s one thing to have ,000 in debt and quite another to have ,000.In the golden days of a new relationship, money is usually the furthest thing from anyone’s mind.Hearts are fluttering, connections are being made and love is in the air — why would anyone want to ruin that with a conversation about dollars and cents?8 Financial Red Flags in a Relationship Learn Vest's free Money Center will help you create a budget.


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