Dating site for stoners Free and no primium chat

Just because you smoke a little smoke, doesn't mean you are lazy and won't amount to anything.That is a pothead stereotype and one you are more than willing to disprove...after you finish your toke.Talk about the complexities and simplicities of amazing marijuana with someone who loves the subject just as much as you do.Find your best bud and fly high on cloud 9 together - are you getting the munchies yet?High There is slicker: a close approximation of successful mainstream dating apps.It has bright colors, cute graphics, the same pleasing swiping mechanism as Tinder.People are friendlier, seemingly comforted by the knowledge that you won't be judgmental.

Unlike Tinder, High There doesn't lean on the probability that two like-minded souls will eventually find each other.High There also cashes in on the simplicity that distinguishes Tinder from algorithmic sites like OKCupid: just input a first name and a photo, and you've built a profile.Although with High There, you first have to specify whether you prefer smoking, vaping, edibles, or "it's all good." High There users' implicit common ground lessens the pressure to build connections from scratch.Whether you want long-term love or simply a fling, this site has what you desire.If you call yourself a Marijuana Expert, you probably want someone who is 420-friendly to date or become more serious with.You are currently on the home page of the Pothead Dating Community.


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