Dating tips from the doctor

your hobbies, social life, and how freakin’ cute you are.

(Also, there’s scientific proof having a friend do this part is a good idea.) Creating a dating profile can be a bit nerve-racking if you’re not used to distilling your whole self into a few short sentences and exactly six photographs.

She thinks it's particularly noticeable in people who don't have social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram and aren't used to communicating this way online."If someone puts up a photograph that's ten years old and blurry, it's coming across as slightly half-hearted," Madeleine points out.

She’ll be able to identify the brag-worthy qualities that make you incredibly dateable, then help you “pitch” them with charm and wit in your bio.

She’ll also be great at weighing in on the photos that best represent “your brand,” a.k.a.

Sometimes when you’re too close to a project (a.k.a.

inside your own head), the need for that kind of brevity can present a challenge.


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