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Universities don’t give out degrees for dating foreigners, but they totally should.Going out with someone from another country delivers an education you didn’t even realize you signed up for -- no matter which country your new squeeze calls home.) But the real-world benefits of dating a foreigner can outweigh those you find in a classroom.Considering a bachelor’s degree in international love? Be sure to sign up for our Daily Newsletter where we deliver the best in Disney News & Planning Tips to your inbox!You can find us all over the internet at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even our Tee Public Store!And then it all came crashing down when the gorgeous girl turned to the side and everyone caught a glimpse of her business in the front, party in the back hair.

Make sure you’re a morning person Fun fact: The waves are typically better in the morning with the calm winds.

If results are negative but the woman still suspects she is pregnant, she should repeat the home pregnancy test a few days later.

The first test may have been done too early (before the next menstrual period is expected to start).

Naturally, surfers want to get out in the water as early as possible to beat the crowds and get some glassy waves before the waves get all textured from the wind. He’ll be gone for hours on end surfing and he’ll only come in when the waves start to fizzle out. Don’t be expecting that all the time from when you’re dating a surfer. However, keep those frequent international surf trips in mind.

When he asks you if you want to Dawn Patrol with him, he’s asking you to get up well before sunrise and watch him surf as the sun’s coming up. When he does come in he’s usually asking for snacks and a beer. International surf trips mean no cell service and sometimes no internet.


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