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" data-event-name="Freundeskreis" data-event-link=" data-ext-url=" PID=22" data-logo=" data-event-typ="event" data-termine-anzahl="1" data-termin="Mi, , " data-location-name="Tollwood-Gelände (Sommer)" data-location-ort="München" data-location-link=" Jubiläum für Freundeskreis - auf ihrer Tour spielen sie am 5.7.2017 ein zweites Mal auf dem Tollwood: Vor 20 Jahren erschien mit `Quadratur des Kreises` das Debüt-Album des Stuttgarter Hip Hop-Kollektivs, das war auch prompt ihr Durchbruch und es ist bis heute eines der wichtigsten deutschen Hip Hop-Werke.

"Mit Zappeln, Party & Bingo-Gewinnen starten wir schon um 21 Uhr in den lässigsten Mittwoch der Stadt.

“I think you can kind of say that in 2006, at the start of this video, music was in quite an interesting place.

Then three-and-a-half minutes later it's f*cked.” Speaking about the band’s first record, Borrell remained positive, praising their “drum ‘n’ bass obsessed maniac” drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo but concluding that continuing with “some faux-idealisation of something gritty, aggressive and cool” would have been “completely f*cking bogus.” For their second album, the self-titled , Andy Burrows joined on drums: “I think the second Razorlight album definitely opened the way for a flood of mediocrity in UK music.

Well, our source who worked for one of their camps, had to refill her Valtrex prescription for her on a regular basis!

Guess who she got it from…that’s right…dirty Derek Jeter. All of his other famous relationships could have contracted the STD TOO!

MAJOR downgrade…it’s all I’m sayin’…Thanks Sarah M!

And now Natalie is dating a dude who rolls with the Lilo?

Which of course implies that he’s been giving out one of those dirty little gifts that keep on giving, to quite a few celebrity women. Jessica Alba(before she was Jessica Alba) used to date Derek Jeter, the serial celebrity dater, who plays for the NY Yankees.

Kafkas labyrinthisches Meisterwerk ist in der Inszenierung von Nicolas Charaux an mehreren Teminen im Volkstheater zu sehen.

" data-event-name="Das Schloss" data-event-link=" data-ext-url=" Schloss.html? PID=22" data-logo=" data-event-typ="event" data-termine-anzahl="3" data-termin="Mi, , " data-location-name="Münchner Volkstheater" data-location-ort="München" data-location-link=" dem Motto „In guten wie in schlechten Zeiten“ präsentieren die Darsteller vom Cirque Aïtal ihr Programm.

It is no more disgusting than being a critical piece of sh#t with the arrogant insinuation that your lips could never suffer the same…. She still looks hot, and 99.99% of men who fantasize about her will never even get to meet her, and they can still jack off to her pictures w/o fear of contracting anything. He too is from hollywood (television industry, not film). i have no problem dating people mature enough to know/ understand that its really not a big deal! i hate that people think its so gross, its really not! Everyone is right about the stigma…i used to think it was gross too!

The story, though highly judgmental and poorly informed, does underline the importance of using protection when engaging in sexual activity. I can honestly say, I have genital herpes, and you should be ashamed of yourself for judging people who have it, especially since none of us ASKED to be infected, but instead were either victims of people who didn’t have the decency to inform us, or by partners who didn’t even know themselves. 99% of the time i forget i have it because everyone is right, it IS symptomless! i used to watch the valtrex commercials and snicker and poke fun at them… its not the end of life…life is what you make of it.


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