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The first time I went to Ethiopia it was to write about coffee.I joined an expedition to search for a rare coffee bean, Geisha, that was thought to be from Ethiopia but had never been found.Hamadryas baboons scale sheer cliff faces to spend the night in the safety of craggy ledges.When the sun comes up, groups gather to begin their daily march.A trip designed for the truly adventurous photographer, PQA will take you for the rare experience to photograph the shockingly handsome remote local tribes along the Omo Rift Valley. Absorb Ethiopia’s dynamic scenery while our professional photographer leads you in capturing the heart of this stunning country with breathtaking photos.

Vertical Ethiopia simmers with what it means to climb virgin rock in another country—to intimately interact with the land, to open yourself to another culture, to challenge yourself physically and spiritually, and to do it as an all-female group in a sport dominated by men…Lucky for us, Majka’s climbing expertise comes matched with the ability to tell a story…VERTICAL ETHIOPIA documents a climbing expedition to unexplored sandstone spires in northern Ethiopia.

They are hardcore, able to survive in dry, semi-desert conditions.

When a male yawns to show off his huge canine teeth, it’s a clear message that these guys are not to be messed with!

Some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet are found here, with soaring crags and pinnacles described as “the chess pieces of the gods.” Where the peaks fall away, the cleft of the Rift Valley is revealed below.

The southern parts of the Ethiopian Highlands were once home to the Kingdom of Kaffa, a medieval early modern state.


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