Fake soldier dating scammers

JOINT BASE LEWIS-Mc CHORD — A local soldier has received thousands of emails from love interests around the world.There’s only one problem: He’s not looking for love.“They [build] up a huge story about who they are, they are heroes and serving the country,” Grey said. “They are very poetic, they are very savvy,” Grey said.

A quick search for Hannett shows two false Facebook accounts featuring his real picture. Shannon Smith is senior council at the Attorney General’s Office.

“It’s very difficult to track these people down so we feel prevention is the cure.” Following are some of the most common military Internet scams, according to Grey and Petraeus: Online Dating Scams: These are the latest and most popular to hit the web.

Scammers, usually out of Ghana or Nigeria steal identities of real soldiers on social networking sites like Facebook and My Space and pose as military members.

The US Army is warning those in the online dating communities to be wary of anyone posing as a soldier.

Some have gone so far as to steal identities of US soldiers to create credibility in their scam. The victims are most often unsuspecting women, 30 to 55 years old, who think they are becoming romantically involved with an American soldier, when in fact they are being cyber-robbed.


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