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Like, let’s face it: the newly recognized acronym for The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia is IDAHOBIT.We’re not saying that the day is not very significant: we are saying that ‘IDAHOBIT’ is an unfortunate acronym with hairy-footed, Middle Earth connotations.

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Sit on the huge covered front porch or entertain on the expansive rear deck.

Unicorn discovered that former Vice President Dick Cheney's openly lesbian daughter, Mary Cheney, gave ,500 (the max currently allowed by an individual) to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. The story focuses on her angst over "the complicated irony of being the avowed outsider, the lesbian AIDS activist, who has become part of the establishment." Maddow also discusses her battle with "cyclical" depression and her first date with partner Susan Mikula at an NRA event.

She told us about the trailer for the new "animated lesbian Sci-Fi musical" from director and animator G. Hajim and featuring the voices of Claudia Black, Cree Summer and Tara Strong.

Because this is about much more than bricks and sticks.

The second season of web series BJ Fletcher Private Eye has begun.


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