Most intimidating animal

Their remains appear in the fossil record as recently as the Holocene, the period that saw the rise of mankind.

Get over it: If you want to punt on the “murder” thing, stock up on frozen lobster tails.

However, there are those animals which sport some of the most frightening appearances you would ever hope to imagine.

But just because some of these animals look dangerous, does not mean that they are.

“Lobster may be the only food where the end user is expected to do the killing,” says Allen.

But if you’re going to boil live lobsters, try massaging the critter between its antennae before you do the deed.

" and went to find their guardian in the forest, while Asian cultures relied on the animal zodiac and Europeans turned to astrology. Fortunately it's 2016, so you don't have to venture into the woods to find your spirit animal or decipher ancient star charts. Are you a wolf personality, intimidating yet misunderstood?

You might have the attributes of a lion or tiger personality, or you may not be a carnivore at all.

Today, sloths are tree-climbing, slow, and non-threatening animals that reside in the Amazon. During the Pliocene era, Megatherium was a giant ground sloth found in South America; it weighed up to four tons and was twenty feet (6m) in length from head to tail.In fact, herbivorous personalities like deer, bison and sheep are far more numerous in the human zoo.If you're extroverted and flirty you might be one of seven bird personalities, or perhaps an aquatic mammal like a dolphin or otter. Answer the questions honestly and the quiz will build a mathematical model of your personality and match it to our database of animal profiles.Archeologists theorize that Megatherium was a scavenger, and would steal dead carcasses from other carnivores.Megatherium was also one of the last giant Ice Age mammals to disappear.(But keep in mind that an encounter in the wild could be a humbling encounter.) Take a look at our list of scary animals that are perfectly harmless.


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