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But ask people who were brave enough to check their 401(k) balances at that time: November was historic for other reasons too.Not only did the Dow dip below 8,000, but the unemployment rate in California also climbed well above the national average (to 8.2%) and housing prices were down 40% from their peak just 18 months prior.Craigslist personals postings and e registrations have each seen 20% increases in 2008.has seen an even larger spike; its memberships were 22% higher in December than they were in the same period last year.LA: 30 minutes late because of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the 405. People always need a 1 to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge with. If he/she lives across the city, it’s basically long-distance. Then make sure to check out Dating on Coffee Meets Bagel vs. About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): Every day at noon, we introduce you to one single with whom you share mutual friends.

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Whether you are a young starry-eyed Utopian or have been around the eastern bloc for a while, everyone can benefit from these tips and guidelines for safe dictator-dating procedures.Some people use the sites to form bonds and then ask for money, the FTC said.Consumers should be cautious if someone they meet online immediately professes love or requests money for travel, visas or other travel documents, the FTC said.SF: Overpriced coffee at an artisanal, organic coffee shop in the Mission.LA: Overpriced cocktails at a trendy restaurant in Venice.So, how does dating stack up between the two great cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles? Or online, through one of the many dating apps everyone seems to be on.


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