Rachel bilson dating zimbio

Rachel Bilson bundles up, gets picked up at her home, and heads to LAX airport on Saturday (February 19) in Los Angeles.The 29-year-old actress currently graces the cover of California Style magazine.Over the years, we have seen plenty of celebrities fall in and out of love.But among the numerous celebrity couples, there are some romances that we will never forget.

Rachel may be in Los Angeles but it's the perfect time of year in the UK for a cosy knit like this.Rachel, who was clad in drawstring trousers and a Rock & Republic Star Wars shirt from Kohl's, could have used some assistance from a Jedi Knight or maybe even Han Solo while dealing with what resembled a four-legged Chewbacca.Rachel Bilson has always been a bit of a style icon for us.Last year, photos of Stewart cheating on Pattinson made rounds in the media and although the actress made a public apology, Pattinson called it quits.We’re still in denial but no matter what happens, they are still our favorite vamp couple.Though we may hate to admit it, there are some celebrities we wish were still together.


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