Screenupdating excel false

Range For repeat = 1 To 30 For Each cell In r cell. Value Mod 2 = 0) Then ' if i is even, color the cell white cell. Range For repeat = 1 To 30 For Each cell In r cell. Value Mod 2 = 0) Then ' if i is even, color the cell white cell.

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Hi, When I run the following XML importing code I get a message box saying: "The specified XML source does not refer to a schema. Protect Password:="temp", _ Drawing Objects:=False, _ Contents:=True, _ Scenarios:=False Active Sheet.

Next a call is made to run the update_demo subroutine which selects 10,001 cells and then ends.

within the Excel Questions forums, part of the Question Forums category; Hi, For some reason Application.

Screen Updating = False has stopped working for me.

Many thanks if you can help Matt Sub Test() Application. I've protected the sheet because it contains a lot of formula's. I have a sheet with raw data a sheet with pivot tables a sheet with a dashboard and a simple macro I don't have any #REF cells either. I have set up an auto-execute macro which automatically sets the zoom factor to best fit, for several of the worksheets, and this works fine. Code: By repeating this code for each worksheet, I can make each one be zoomed just right.

When a user double-clicks a row it triggers the code through the Workbook_Sheet Before Double Click event. However, the file contains 8 sheets that are all identically laid out, except the number of rows is different.


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