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And as one of those needs, we understand that difficulty options may be important."So I think we'll include it. "It's too monotonous."The overall controls weren't good, and many felt battles became repetitive were "too monotonous.""One thing we were thinking about is allowing players to remap the button configuration to their liking. That probably also contributed to making the battles feel long.

For example, it's perfectly happy if we declare // "tabs" is not a valid custom element name document.create Element('tabs').__proto__ === HTMLUnknown Element.prototype // "x-tabs" is a valid custom element name document.create Element('x-tabs').__proto__ == HTMLElement.prototype much later.

Before elements are upgraded to their definition, they're called unresolved elements. Elements can define special methods for tapping into interesting times of their existence.

It's meaningful, easy to understand, and best of all, it's maintainable.

This restriction allows the parser to distinguish custom elements from regular elements but also ensures forward compatibility when new tags are added to HTML.


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