Sexy video chant Dating only with cam

‘Not in a million years [did he think the clip would go viral], I heard a few lads singing it at Swindon Town away so I thought sod it I’ll do a video and put it on Facebook and Twitter to see if anything comes of it, and it’s just gone mental since that,’ said Mr Kennedy.‘My mates often call me childish so to me singing into my computer is perfectly normal.’ Latics chairman, David Sharpe, has confirmed that the club have handed Mr Kennedy a free season ticket and says it’s richly deserved for creating the ‘best chant ever known to man’."There is not, and has never been, any place for this sort of culture on our university campuses," said Jonathan Williams, executive director of Students Nova Scotia."While the SMU students involved surely failed to grasp the severity of what they were doing and saying, this very fact highlights the need to speak out about sexism when we see it." In a release, the student organization said Nova Scotia has the highest rate of sexual assault in Canada.Jean Cocteau was believed to be the film's cinematographer.When in 1966 distributor Sol Landau attempted to exhibit the film in Berkeley, California, he was informed by a member of the local police special investigations department that were he to continue screening it the film "would be confiscated and the person responsible arrested." Landau responded by instituting the case of Landau v.The Avalon Sexual Assault Centre, based in Halifax, also spoke out against the chant.

"We are committed to ensuring nothing like what has emerged in the last 24 hours ever takes place again in a Nova Scotia student union activity," said Williams.

A spokesman for Saint Mary’s University in Halifax says senior administrators were shocked after seeing a video of students in a frosh-week chant condoning non-consensual sex with underage girls.

Steve Proctor says the “sexist and offensive” chant posted on Instagram was led by student orientation leaders at the campus.

Jared Perry, chair of Students Nova Scotia, stepped down from his position in light of the controversy.

Perry is also the president of the student council at Saint Mary's.


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