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It results in a less perfect-looking job, of course – the hinges, for example, get painted over, resulting in little chips around the hinge areas over time, and some of the wood grain may show through – but the savings are considerable enough (my painters charged me 0, as opposed to something like k for a more traditional painting job) that I decided to go for it.

If so, check out® - hundreds of more MHS alumni have posted their profiles.

So in the spirit of trying to work on this mental exercise, I wanted to share some little things that bring me slices of joy. This goes without saying but I thank my my lucky stars for them.

A teaching intern at Salem Junior High in Utah, US, gave an assignment to 60 students to create a terrorist propaganda poster for the Islamic State (Isis).

The teacher will continue to be trained and has been assigned a mentor.

Under the assignment, ninth grade students at the school were asked to create a "neat, colored, professional poster" for the terrorist group, to help them better understand the goals of terror organisations and the methods they use to gain support.

Even when, what you see through an edited filter, is not entirely accurate.

Social media is a blessing, but I think we could all agree that it’s equally a curse.

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This September, the musical dinner show celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

Last year, one of my hobbies was tracking Ben Roethlisberger's offseason. But I was simply amazed at the frequent-flyer miles he racked up, especially after, shall we say, a less-than-memorable 2006 campaign. Big Ben News, who is to Ben Roethlisberger what Dukes Court is to Duquesne Basketball, is once again providing comprehensive coverage with their exclusive Roethlisberger tracking device.

I'm convinced that BBN knows where Ben's going before he does. ), a Pro Bowl press conference with Matt Hasselbeck and Larry Fitz, and a spot on the NFL Network are already in the bag.

this serves as a much needed reminder.” Generally speaking, I’m a happy person.

I’ve never suffered from real depression (except one postpartum period, which I plan to share in the upcoming weeks) and I try my hardest to be “half glass full..” but at the same time, it’s so easy to live day-by-day and not appreciate the little things that bring us pure joy.


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