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Disc 1 is presented in anamorphic widescreen format, with audio available in either Dolby Digital 2.0 or 5.1 in its original Hindi language track.

Subtitles are available in English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Malay, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

Really want to get this but have quite a few left to play yet so will wait on this one.. Folks, understand me well: this is a Top Class Game! you HAVE to play the Bonusgame too, or else the story doesn't make enough sense. Because the people with smaller wallets can only play the main game as the SE, and for them it will be too short and as far as the story goes, flatout disapointing. Always keeps me guessing and using the grey cells to remember where things were. I'm hoping another creepy Joyville is coming down the pike. It seems like a pretty good game so far; nothing great so far in the Demo, IMO.

I enjoyed the storyline and I do enjoy putting stuff together, but that's just me.

Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle: Buy time, Find new experiences, and Keep more of what you worked for by Clayton Daniel112.With all this talk about “diversity,” the stakes are higher than ever to make sure the work that’s being done is right.Not only do I want to showcase our gifts to the world, I feel a responsibility to this blog, and keeping it around means a lot to me. Had a small glitch in the bonus game, but when I got out and came back in it was fine.On the side of things, personally, I get a tad annoyed when I use, for example, (SPOILER AHEAD) Oh well...It’s a been a hot summer, and I’m all for cooler, light-jacket weather. I’ve already picked out my fall-flavored beverage, Green Mountain Coffee Autumn Harvest Blend, and it’s so good. This book deals with Nia, a nurse who tended to her mentor Pat during her illness, and discovers after her death that she didn’t know Pat as well as she thought.


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