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However, given their genius at marketing and creating demand, I suspect it was driven by a couple of different factors. Schade patented the frog adjustment feature that would initially be used on the Bed Rock planes, and eventually (1907) would become a mainstay feature of the Bailey line of planes.In 1895, Justice Traut patented what would become the basic Bed Rock design. The introduction date of Bed Rock planes is a little uncertain.Finally near the end of the production period Stanley simply went to the Stanley inscribed lever cap used on their regular line of planes. In a world where good enough usually ain't good enough, Stanley decided to produce another series of metal bench planes, called Bed Rock planes.Prices rose when Walters price guides first came out, demand and interest were high, and then fell somewhat about the time of 9 - 1 -11 and the following recession. That happened with a lot of antique tools & other collectibles.Condition is really the most critical aspect in relation to value. After that it is in super original condition This looks to be a type 3 with early round sides, and the 3 line Bedrock lever cap. It has never been cleaned or fiddled with nor needed it.Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website.Prices seen span a long period of time and may not reflect current values. On some pieces you will see no price, or a price range, with or without an explanation.

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Apparently there was a dispute over the Schade patent, because those sold for the first year or two have the Sept. This was done by the factory, and after the body had been japanned, indicating there was some sort of legal dispute over the Schade patent that required a last minute intervention prior to the planes being sold to the public.

These planes are, for all intents and purposes, nothing but a variation of the more popular Bailey series.

They all have an adjustable frog, the brass depth adjustment knob, the lateral lever, a lever cap, rosewood knob and tote, etc., just like the Bailey's.

The key difference between the two designs is found in the way the frog mates with the bottom casting.

For such a seemingly minor difference, the Bed Rock planes were offered at a premium over the Bailey's, and it was a design that never seemed to be very static nor nearly as popular as Stanley's wildly successful Bailey line.


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