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Velma Bolyard is a fiber, paper and book artist working with mostly locally gathered materials for textile, paper, and book making.She recently retired from 25 years of teaching special education in alternative public school settings.

After she befriends a mangy dog with blood on its snout, she learns her ex has been viciously attacked.

A kid’s book that was incredibly important to me as a child and into adulthood – a coming of age story about an assistant pig keeper (that he was an “assistant” was important to me, who became, of course, a king of a magic land). Short story collections, poetry (gazillion poetry books, those are in my university office), novels and nonfiction, mixed together by the time I read them. I have a friend who organizes her books by PUBLISHER! I have never read my father’s books but I can’t seem to part with them because they have crib notes he wrote in them. Even HIS books, Labor in the United States volumes 1-6, I haven’t read. Then I will STOP reading because I will be writing and I cannot write when I am reading.

I was read it by my dad and then read it alone and later had a series of “assistant” jobs in which I often thought of that book. That was my little life lesson I somehow need to cling to. And then there is the perennial “night side table books,” that I am in the middle of or read over and over. That is so wild to me – all those orange Penguins side by side, a tangerine sea. I start to imitate the authors I am reading, it is just awful.

(Behind my buddha fish tank where my fish, Tomas, guards them). and oh God, let’s not forget, Harriet the Spy, about a girl writer, who thinks she is a detective of her neighborhood; these books had a profound influence on me and who I am and how I wrote. For this reason I collect vintage children’s books because I love them and they make me so happy.

Seven short stories focus on the lives, loves, and losses of contemporary British women, often with intense psychological studies of the characters.


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