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It used to be abandoned and was essentially a dumping ground for trash. What it is now is a great place for tourists to visit.

The island’s name referred to the rodents that used to call it home. It can be very relaxing, and snorkeling enthusiasts will enjoy the place as well.

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A round trip will cost about for 4 people, and extra passengers will add each to the cost. You can also inquire about renting a kayak as well.Ferré Performing Arts Center ► Crash Boat Beach ► Piñones State Forest ► Paseo De La Princesa ► Albergue Olímpico ► La Guancha Boardwalk ► Casa Blanca Museum Puerto Rico ► San Juan National Historic Site ► Ponce Cathedral ► Dr. Rivero Zoo ► Las Cascadas Water Park ► Hacienda Buena Vista ► Museum of Art of Puerto Rico ► Camuy Caves The name and history of a place are important considerations when you are a tourist and looking forward to enjoying your vacation.But there are times when you simply need to disregard what a place is called and what it was. A great example of this is the small island in Puerto Rico, located near Joyuda Lagoon in Cabo Rojo called Isla de Ratones (Island of the Mice).There are no boats on Mondays, but you should also call ahead because the waters may be too rough for the boats to head on out.Design a complete Voice over IP (Vo IP) or traditional PBX system with Asterisk, even if you have only basic telecommunications knowledge.Leif is currently working at Thinking Phone Networks, leading the unified communications backend team. Jim Van Meggelen is President and CTO of Core Telecom Innovations, a Canadian-based provider of open-source telephony solutions.


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