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Driver Update for LSI SCSI and SAS Controllers – The driver for LSI SCSI and SAS controllers is updated to version 2.06.74.This version of the driver is required to provide a better support for shared SAS environments.In the example below the build number is 123629 (ESXi, 3.5.0). From the dropdown menu of the VIC select ‘Help’ – ‘About VMware Infrastructure’.An ‘about’ box will then be presented (see below) which gives both the VICs version and build numbers along with that for the ESX server itself.This driver supports bootcode upgrade on bnx2 chipsets and requires tools upgrade from Broadcom.This driver also adds support for Network Controller – Sideband Interface (NC-SI) for SOL (serial over LAN) applicable to Broadcom Net Xtreme 57 chipsets.A third way is by generating an HTML based ‘summary’ report on the ESX server.

To get around this, use a VM application (VMware Workstation, VMware Server (Free), Oracle Virtualbox (Free)) and build a VM that can access the network that your ESXi Host is on, and make sure the OS is Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP2, and install the VMware v Sphere Client v4.0 with Host Update Utility.I was using this document just for the UPDATE INSTALLATION part, as I have Update 5 installed, and it relates to UPDATE 2. This is why I am here because all the instructions I have been reading does not work with my flavor of ESX 3.5.0, 207095... /tmp # cd ESX350-201302402-BG/tmp/ESX350-201302402-BG # esxupdate info Invalid command info -----------------------THIS COMMAND WAS INVALID ?VMware KB: ESX 3.5, Patch ESX350-200806812-BG: Critical Fix for August 12 Licensing Timeout Issue Now, the document definitely has step by step instructions on installing, querying etc. /tmp/ESX350-201302402-BG # esxupdate update -----------------------NOTHING HAPPENED HERE ?I've considered the option of adding a temporary 5.5 host and migrating from host to the other, but you cannot add a 3.5 host to a 5.5 v Center (therefore migration and/or cloning is not possible).I've also read something about V2V migration using VMware Converter but I'm a bit sceptical given that these are production VMs and they want minimal downtime. The first is by clicking on the ESX server in the VIC and selecting the ‘Summary’ tab.


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