Updating rhel4

To upgrade a Red Hat Cluster from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5, follow these steps: Note: This documentation is provided by Red Hat®, Inc. The copyright holder has added the further requirement that Distribution of substantively modified versions of this document is prohibited without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.The Cent OS project redistributes these original works (in their unmodified form) as a reference for Cent OS-5 because Cent OS-5 is built from publicly available, open source SRPMS.I don't even think Red Hat supports such upgrade paths. You can do it manually, and always remember to upgrade to x.oldest to (x 1).0 and only then update to (x 1).oldest.So when going from 4 to 6 using any route, you will go as follows: Thanks for answer!It's pretty good at handling dependencies, and googling Yum and RHEL and Repository gives a good number of hits, so there are repositories out there which will have RPMs built for your system.

I have no idea, though, how one would use up2date to go from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5.The procedure includes changes required for Red Hat GFS and CLVM, also.For more information about Red Hat GFS, refer to Global File System: Configuration and Administration.Booting off PXE doesn't allow me to see the anaconda gui where i can type "linux upgrade." Am I missing something in my pxeboot config?Here's what I have: There is no clean upgrade option between major versions in anaconda.I ended up attaching the ISO via vmware's virtual client and it seems to be working right now.


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