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These are the questions that, from our experience in several thousand initial consultations, you probably would ask us in such a consultation.

If you decide to retain our firm, you may want to revisit this site from time to time to refresh your recollection of the subjects we’ve covered, and to get answers to new questions that arise.

If you really want to do it yourself and we can’t talk you out of it, by all means go to the forms website and knock yourself out.

We’ll probably meet in a few weeks at the counter of the Clerk’s office with us filing another divorce decree for a judge’s approval, and you trying to coax a deputy clerk into explaining how you got your case all balled up.

The court shall determine the amount of any such debt as of the date of the last separation of the parties, if at such time or thereafter at least one of the parties intends that the separation be permanent, and the extent to which such debt has increased or decreased from the date of separation until the date of the evidentiary hearing.

But if you’ve filed for a fault divorce based on adultery, your spouse's live-in boyfriend will certainly help prove your case.In time we hope that you will be moved to contribute one or more of your questions, or to suggest answers to existing questions, for the benefit of others to come.Disclaimer: This information is meant only as a general guide to the basics of Virginia domestic relations law. Cruelty typically involves physical acts only, however extreme mental cruelty may also be actionable. It is possible to live separate and apart in the same house, but very difficult. However, for a felony conviction, cruelty, and desertion, one may file immediately for a divorce a mensa, which can later be amended to request a divorce a vinculo, after the expiration of the statutory period. The marriage was not properly licensed and solemnized according to the Virginia Code. If any party willfully deserts or abandons the other party (basically moves out without consent), divorce may be granted based on desertion. Separation in Virginia most often occurs when the parties are living in separate residences, not just in separate bedrooms, or when they cease engaging in marital relations. One can only file for a divorce a vinculo before the one year separation requirement by filing based on adultery. Annulments in Virginia are rare, but may be granted to either party based on the following: i. Section I – The Basics of Virginia Domestic Relations Law Section II – If You Haven’t Yet Separated Section III – If You’ve Already Separated Section IV – If You’re Ready to File for Divorce Section V – If You’re Involved in a Contested Divorce The purpose of this section is to provide a place where our separation and divorce clients can go to have their basic questions answered – a sort of huge FAQ file.


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