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He won Australia's first gold medal of the Games, in the 400-meter freestyle, setting a new world record.Ryan, who hails from Perth in Western Australia and is now based in Sydney, is quite the catch and as well as boasting a super toned physique, he is also a volunteer at North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club.He received a ,000 reward for the world record, which he promptly donated to charity.At the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Thorpe was under immense pressure to deliver multiple world records and several gold medals.In the 1999 Pan Pacific Championships in Sydney, Thorpe was pitted against teammate Grant Hackett and South African Ryk Meethling in the 400-meter freestyle.Halfway through the race, all three swimmers were bunched together when Thorpe opened it up and won, finishing a full two seconds ahead of the world record.

But it does.” Thorpe also described coming out as a “second puberty”: “I’m not talking about who I’m seeing; I’m talking about how I feel about life.Speaking about coming out, Thorpe says he would have done so earlier if he had realized what impact it could have on young LGBT athletes struggling with their sexuality: “I wish someone had explained that to me a lot earlier.I probably would have come out earlier if I realised.Media attention followed, and Thorpe received multiple endorsement offers.He became a high-profile supporter of the Children's Cancer Institute, in honor of a close friend who suffered from lymphoma.In the 200-meter relay, he broke away from Olympic champion, American Tom Malchow, and by the end of his leg, the Australians were three seconds ahead of the Americans.


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