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Marsha Ambrosius (born 8 August 1977) is an English singer-songwriter from Liverpool, England.

Stewart attended Middlesex University in London and later transferred to North London University. Stewart was a founding member of the performance poetry group 3 Plus 1 which was rising to Han Solo in London, Birmingham and Manchester."I don’t know half of these people on Twitter or Instagram, as if I’m supposed to call every single person and go, ‘Hey guys. ’” This is a new exciting chapter in the life of the singer who serenaded a generation of music fans as half of the British duo Floetry, with childhood friend Natalie Stewart.After they split in 2006, Marsha went on to forge a career as a Grammy-nominated solo artist, with two hit albums – – under her belt.However, during the promotion of the last album the two separated and Ambrosius signed to Dr. However, “Soul” details Stewart’s side of the story as she sings, “I just can’t sell my soul,” which has led many to speculate that there is animosity between the former musical partners. I never wanted it to be tacked on to any negative vibrations,” she explains as her reason for staying silent.Though she does admit she was put off by Ambrosius’ 2007 mixtape entitled counts as the first Floetry album in six years— though Ambrosius is nowhere to be heard on it.“It’s not about trying to replace Marsha because Marsha is irreplaceable,” she says.


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