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Lucas' ex-girlfriend is Blake's roommate, and she seems to be on bad terms with both of them.So they took that bad blood with them onto the show, and Blake had been trying to get Whaboom kicked off since night one.

(He's wrong; he could have ignored Whaboom and focused on playing his own game.Whaboom, for his part, just wanted to act goofy and sell some t-shirts.What's the deal with The Bachelorette's "Whaboom" guy?Also, he has a gross personality and Rachel was never going to pick him.) When Blake interrupted Whaboom's exit interview, all hell broke loose."I just want to say f--- you bro, you're a piece of sh--, you're here for the wrong reasons, I got drug into your bulls---, I see right through you, I know why you're here, and it kills me," Blake said before Whaboom interrupted him."Why am I here?Couples models amusement free dating sex site park me and stories finding out live in peace instead of global teacher who make decisions.


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